OJSC «IL» congrats military pilots with professional holiday

12 August 2015
ОАО Ил 12 August Russia celebrates Day of Air Force. For its more than 80-years history Ilyushin design bureau has been engineering aircraft, destined to protect peaceful skies of Russia. Built at our enterprise masterpiece of military aviation made their great impact in history of world aircraft industry. Attack aircraft, front and far bombers, paratroop aircraft and special purpose aircraft – is not full list of aircraft engineered by Ilyushin design bureau for Air force of Russia for these years.

Today priority of Ilyushin Aviation Complex is engineering of new military-transport aircraft and special purpose aircraft. As per order of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation deeply modernized IL-76MD-90A was put in serial production, light military-transport aircraft IL-112V is being engineered and put into production, test-design works on modernization of IL-76M/MD and IL-78/M are carried out, tankers IL-78M-90A and IL-96-400T3 are built. In future – engineering of the whole line of military0transport aircraft, from light to super heavy.

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The history of the holiday traces its roots in November 1932, when Air Force Commander of the workers and peasants red army Y.I. Alksnis introduced to Revolutionary Military Council a proposal about establishment of a new holiday «Day of Aviation» with a purpose of «further popularization of civil and military aviation among people». The holiday was proposed to celebrate in August – «better time in terms of weather, after training in summer camps of Air force man-power» as aviation parades with demonstration of the best options of aircraft. Before that there were no aviation holidays in Russia.

The proposal was considered in the government and 28 April 1933 Council of Peoples’ Commissars of the USSR accepted a resolution No 859 «About celebration of Air Force day in the USSR». Since 1933 there was a tradition to celebrate annually on 18 August day of air fleet of the USSR».

Air Force day of the USSR was celebrated annually on August 18 till 1980, when it was decided to celebrate it on the third Sunday of August. In 1997 military pilots got their own holiday – Air Force day, which is celebrated on August 12.

12 August 1912 Emperor Nilolay II by Imperial Edict ordered to form first aviation unit of Russia at General Directorate of the General Staff, having formed Russian Air force. The order No 397, signed by Military Minister, General of Cavalry V.A. Sukhomlinov, on July 30 (12 August new calendar) 1912.

However in December 1913 this unit was liquidated, and its functions were transferred to air wing of General military-technical department of Military Ministry, and as part of organization and battle training – to department of organization and service of troops of General Staff.

In accordance with the order of the President of the Russian Federation No 949 dated 29 August 1997 «On establishment of the Day of Air Force – 12 August» and amendments made on 31 May 2006 it was ordered to carry out holidays events adapted to this day at the day of Air Fleet of Russia (third Sunday of August).

Besides, pilots of Military-transport aviation celebrate their own holiday on 1 June, Army aviation – 28 October, Far Aviation – 23 December, 22 January is the holiday of Air Defense aviation, and Navy aviation – 17 July.

Other Ministries also have such holidays. Day of Aviation of the Ministry of Emergency – 10 May, MIA internal troops – 17July.