«Druzhba» children health camp celebrates the 60th birthday

03 August 2015
ОАО Ил 31 July «Druzhba» children health camp named after V.V. Livanov OJSC «IL» celebrates the 60th birthday.

At the solemn ceremony dedicated to the anniversary there were management and team of OJSC «IL», pioneer childhood of which connected with «Druzhba» children health camp, representatives of UAC and trade union of aviation industry «Profavia», parents of children at the camp.

In his speech at the opening ceremony Sergey Vladimirovich Velmozhkin, General Director OJSC «IL», marked, that «Druzhba» children health camp is the only departmental children health camp among Moscow camps of aircraft industry enterprises. It is a great merit of Viktor Vladimirovich LIvanov, who managed to save it in hard time.

Deputy chairman of Moscow city organization of aircraft industry trade union Kononov Yury Igorevich said that continuing traditions «Druzhba» children health camp has been taking prize places among children camps of North district and camps of Moscow labor organizations.

Representatives of Central committee of aircraft industry trade union and Chairman of Primary trade union organization OJSC «IL» Sergey Dmitrievich Senatov spoke warm words to the camp.

The solemn event was ended up with gala concert prepared by counselors and children of the camp. In the evening children participated in circus show and entertained at attractions.


Druzhba» children health camp was opened in 1945 in one of Moscow region schools. First ten years it worked in different places of Moscow region. An only in 1955 the camp found its constant place in resort forest area of Dmitrov district.

Since that time a lot has changed, but care and attention are still the same.

Housings for 250 children, club, gym, library, sport base, stable, game room and many other are situated at landscaped secured area. The camp has a good canteen with Italian equipment, with home cooking. Children are offered balanced menu with six meals daily. Fruits, vegetables, baking are served daily.

There are different wood species at the territory, the air is always fresh. During hot weather it is cool in the camp.

About 30 sections operate in the camp, such as airmodelling section, paintball, horse riding, drawing, football and many others.

Teaching staff is based on Moscow students of the third and fourth ears of educational universities, as well as young people graduated from universities and «School of counselors».

During off-season when there are no children in the camp, it still works as a center of staff training. Young specialists OJSC «IL» conduct here spring and winter meetings, where participate representative of aircraft companies of Moscow. Innovation projects in aircraft buildings are considered at the meetings as well as issues of young specialists adaptation solved, also problems concerning young aircraft designers are solved there.

Thought maintaining of such social infrastructure as Druzhba» children health camp is a big financial burden, OJSC «IL» management finds opportunity to maintain the children camp and even develop it.

The company clearly understands that Druzhba» children health camp is not lonely opportunity for rest for children of the company workers, but also source of manpower ОАО Илfor OJSC «IL». Here children touch aviation for the first time, here they are getting used to corporate spirit and moral principles, here future generations of Russian citizens are brought up.

22 September 2014 in accordance with resolution of OJSC «IL» board of directors, the order of naming the camp in favor of Livanov Viktor Vladimirovich was signed. He headed the company as General Director – general designer OJSC «IL» from 2006 to 2014.

As it was marked in the order, V.V. Livanov made a great impact into active, healthy, safe rest of children and made great effort for survivability of the camp.