Student of relevant Universities undertook work experience internship at OJSC «IL»

29 July 2015
ОАО Ил In July 1-3 year students of Moscow Aviation Institute, Russian State Technological University, Russian State University of Technology named after Bauman and MIREA undertook work experience internship at OJSC «IL». Future designers saw with their own eyes stages of building aircraft, documentation requirements, and order of interaction between subdivisions of the Design bureau at making joint projects, work of manufacturing workshop. During the practical work students carried out production tasks.

«Questionnaire of students in terms of the internship showed that the quality of education, availability and information value of lections and practical works are highly estimated by them. According to the meaning of Design bureau employees, all the students had professional approach to carrying out of the tasks and made a good impression.» – Andrey Aleksandrovich Pozdnyakov, Chief of department for work with educational institutions said.

Following the results of the training the students got marks and reports of the carried out work were signed. The most successive students got proposals for work placement in the Design bureau subdivisions on flextime.

Undertaking of work experience internship at OJSC «IL» is a part of complex program of target training of young specialists. Such activities help students meet best practices of engineering newest samples of aircraft and smoothly enter the team of the company.