OJSC «IL» participates in preparation of flying laboratory IL-76LL for flight tests of PD-14 aircraft engine

29 July 2015
ОАО Ил Flight tests of PD-14 aircraft engine for prospective MS-21 range aircraft will be carried out onboard flying laboratory IL-76LL, owned by Gromov FRI, which is being prepared involving OJSC «IL» specialists.

One of the aircraft engines will be replaced by prospective PD-14 engine. Now OJSC «IL» specialists conduct strength calculations of mount fittings of the new engine pylon to the wing as well as safety calculations of flutter flying laboratory, dealing with matters of continuing airworthiness of the flying laboratory. The works are planned to be completed by September 2015.

For information:

PD-14 is a Russian turbofan engine of new generation, designed for short-range and medium-range aircraft. In engineering of PD-14 engine modern technologies and materials were applied: wide chord tubular titanium blades, blisks in welded compressor rotor, low-emission burner section made of intermetallic alloy, single crystal turbine airfoil, ceramic thermal blankets, composite engine nacelle, etc. due to which the engine meets world safety, ecological and fuel efficiency standards.

PD-14 engine family on the base of unified gas generator designed by OJSC «Aviadvigatel», which is a part of UAC, and is being produced by cooperation of enterprises UEC, which includes: «PMZ», «Star» (Perm), «UMPO», NPO «Saturn» (Rybinsk), «NPTs Salyut» (Moscow), «Metallist-Samara» and others.

Serial manufacture of PD-14 engines is planned to be started in 2017.

PD-14 will be mounted on MS-21 – Russian liner, which is being built to replace TU-154 and TU-134, MS-21 will be produced at Irkutsk plant in two options: MS-21-200 (150 passenger seats) and MS-21-300 (180 seats).