New Russian military-transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A is named after Viktor Livanov

17 August 2015
ОАО Ил The ceremony was attended by Viktor Livanov’s widow – Tatiana Filippova, Governor of Ulyanovsk oblast S. Morozov, Commander of Military-Transport aviation of the Russian Military Space Forces V. Benediktov, JSC «UAC – Transport Aircraft» General Director V. Zinnurov, OJSC «Il» General Director S. Velmozhkin, «Aviastar-SP» General Director S. Dementyev.

During the ceremony V. Benedikrov presented T. Filippova the naming certificate of the aircraft. «The Il-76MD-90A named after Viktor Livanov will be operated in the 610th Personnel Military Training and Transition Center in Ivanovo. Air staff, engineering and teaching personnel of the Center have already transitioned to the new type of aircraft and they are ready to start retraining of fleet crews of Military-Transport aviation of the Russian Military Space Forces», said V. Benediktov.

Tatiana Filippova expressed her gratitude to Governor, «Aviastar-SP» management, the Government of the Russian Federation for the honour, given to Viktor Livanov. «He dedicated massive number of not only his working, but his free time as well to this project, so that today we can see this beauty that received his name», said T. Filippova.

Governor of Ulyanovsk Oblast S. Morozov told about Livanov’s achievements. «I consider it out duty to memorialize people who made enormous contribution in the development of Russian aviation and aircraft industry. I am sure that this this wonderful airliner is worthy of Viktor Livanov’s name,» said S. Morozov.

OJSC «Il» General Director S. Velmozhkin mentioned that naming of the aircraft is a good appreciation of Viktor Livanov’s work. «When we started this project and resumed the manufacture of the Il-76 nobody believed that it was possible. But thanks to our joint efforts, we made it. It is especially pleasant that this aircraft will receive the name of our leader Viktor Livanov. People who worked at this machine know how much of his work, time and soul this man had put in this whole program. This is why it is a good appreciation of Viktor Livanov’s work.

«Aviastar-SP» General Director S. Dementyev pointed out Livanov’s role in mastering of the Il-76MD-90A serial production. «Viktor Livanov was an extraordinary and outstanding person, he made and invaluable contribution in the development of the Russian aircraft industry. Thanks in large part to this man, Ulyanovsk factory, which produces the Il-76MD-90A, received its third birth,» told S. Dementyev.

In the nearest time the Il76MD-90A named after Viktor Livanov will be relocated to Zhukovsky to participate in the airshow MAKS-2015. The aircraft is planned to be handed over to the customer by the end of 2015.

Viktor Livanov, OJSC «Il» General Director – General Designer (2006-2014), Genera Designer of Aircraft complexes of the Russian transport aviation (2012-2014), laureate of State Prize of the Russian Federation in science and engineering, Doctor of Economics, honorary aviation worker, Cavalier of the IV class order «For Merit to the Fatherland», orders of Friendship of Peoples and Badge of Honour.