OJSC «Il» young professionals will participate in the international forum Engineers of the Future – 2015

20 July 2015
 OJSC «Il» delegation will participate in the forum for the fifth time. It included 11 young professionals – engineers, designers, technologists and programmers at the ages from 20 to 27.

«The forum presents us – young specialists – and students of engineering universities a unique opportunity to communicate, share professional experience in a friendly informal atmosphere, discuss relevant questions. Besides, work in the forum sections helps young engineers to develop skills, necessary for a modern design bureau, as well as creative thinking, economic reasoning and evaluation of engineering solutions», said Chairman of OJSC «Il» Council of Young Specialists Oleg Agafonov.

Boys and girls will work in business and educational programs of the forum, focused on the development of creative thinking, mastering of modern innovational approaches to problem solving. They will participate in team work at projects, take training at the forum faculties of production management, engineering, adoption of technological innovations.

OJSC «Il» delegation will also participate in the educational program of the department of «Business management in high-technology industry branches», organized by United Aircraft Corporation. Within the framework of this program, as a business simulation, the participants will practice the processes of flexible planning and production management in competitive and high-technology market. The game imitates the process of aircraft manufacturing and reorganization of an enterprise due to the changes in the aircraft industry market.

OJSC «Il» takes the work with young specialists and expansion of their creative and scientific potential seriously. Participation of young engineers in such international industrial forums is one of the conditions for creation of young and technically competent team.