Students of specialized universities do practical training at OJSC «Il»

30 June 2015

OJSC «Il» successfully continues the program of training, retraining and recruitment at the enterprise. On June 29 students of MAI, MATI, Bauman Moscow State Technical University and Moscow Technical University (MIREA) arrived at OJSC «Il».

«We have 47 boys and girls that will learn about our company. Despite the fact that first and second-year students should do their training in the university, in concurrence with university managements we recruited the majority of students who signed the agreement for targeted training with our company. Here they will receive quality practical training which will help them further in the course of the studies», said Oleg Khlynin, Deputy Head of Department of Labour and Labour Relations for personnel development.

The students will have daily theoretical courses on their professional field and company topics. Later they will be distributed between OJSC «Il» divisions as per their training programmes. Following the results of the practice a formal report will be drawn up and sent to dean’s offices of their universities.