OJSC “Il” mastered scheduled maintenance on the Il-76MD of the Russian Air Force

24 June 2015
Ил-76 ОАО Ил In June 2015 another Il-76MD of the Russian Air Force flew from Zhukovsky to its base aerodrome after OJSC “Il” specialists had finished scheduled maintenance for 1800 hours of flying time.

Scheduled maintenance for the heavy military-transport Il-76MD of the Russian Air Force was mastered at OJSC “Il” production site in Zhukovsky in 2014. The works are carried out under a government contract for service maintenance of the aircraft of the Russian Ministry of Defence, with regard to the aircraft of long-range, military-transport and special-purpose aviation of the Russian Air Force. In 2014-2015 scheduled maintenance was performed on six Il-76MD aircraft of Military-transport aviation of the Russian Air Force.

For information.
Scheduled maintenance is a periodic form of aircraft technical service (engines, airframe and their systems, aircraft equipment and avionics, finished parts), which is assigned from the start of aircraft operation or after an overhaul according to airframe flying time in hours. The count starts from base numbers, divisible by 300, 900 and 1800 flight hours. Scheduled maintenance for 1800 flight hours is the most extensive and complex, and earlier it was only carried out at an aircraft repair plant.