As part of development of light military transport Il-112V the aircraft engineering design is defended to customer

11 June 2015
As part of OJSC “Il” development of the light military transport Il-112V for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation the engineering design of the aircraft was defended to the customer.

At this stage of development the corpus of documentation, describing the concept of the aircraft, its systems and equipment, is established. Defence of the engineering design allows to proceed to the development of design and engineering aircraft documentation and later to start manufacture of tooling and production of aircraft prototypes.

In order to defend the engineering design of the light military transport Il-112V a full-size cockpit mockup was manufactured and presented to the customer. It made possible the evaluation of ergonomics of work stations, availability of control elements and LCDs.

For information

The light military transport Il-112V is designed for transportation and aerial delivery of light weaponry and military equipment, cargo and personnel, as well as for transportation of wide variety of cargo during commercial service of the aircraft.

The Il-112V can operate in various geographic and climate conditions, during the day and night, in visual and adverse weather. The aircraft is equipped with modern digital avionics equipment, “glass cockpit”. It enables this aircraft to perform automatic approach at categorized aerodromes under ICAO category II standard and manual approach at ill radio- and technically equipped aerodromes.