OJSC «Il» employees participate in unveiling of Il-62M monument

04 June 2015
ОАО Ил On June 4, 2015 Sheremetyevo Airport held the unveiling of monument to the Il-62M aircraft. The ceremony was attended by CEO of Sheremetyevo International Airport Mikhail Vasilenko, eminent aircraft designer, OJSC «Il» General Designer (1970-2005) Genrikh Novozhilov and other OJSC «Il» designers, representatives from Khimki Mayor’s Office, veterans of the USSR civil aviation and Sheremetyevo Airport, aviation lovers.

The monument was created at the initiative of airport CEO Mikhail Vasilenko as a tribute to Sheremetyevo veterans, flight crews, designers of the Il-62 and everyone whose life is connected with our country’s civil aviation and Sheremetyevo airport.

OJSC «Il» employees participated in the installation of aircraft on the pedestal. Aircraft designers calculated load characteristics for the fuselage of the aircraft, attached load points for lifting straps and personally supervised installation of the monument.

«Monuments to aircraft are monuments to our veterans and to the dedicated work they put in for the development of Russian aviation», said Mikhail Vasilenko at the unveiling ceremony.

Head of Khimki district Administration Vladimir Sleptsov congratulated everybody on the opening of the Il-62M monument. ОАО Ил

«Khimki is famous for being the air gate for our country and capital city. From here the flagship of Aeroflot Il-62 took off and here it brought guests. And we are happy that monument to this wonderful aircraft is being opened here», said Sleptsov.

Genrikh Novozhilov told about the history of creation and engineering features of the first Soviet jet intercontinental airliner Il-62, about great people who invested their work and their talent in this aircraft.

«I want to thank again everyone who created the monument to the Il-62M. When we look at it we see that there was a time when we aspired, when we knew how and built aircraft. Our country cannot do without its own wings and I’m sure it will have its own wings, build in Russia», pointed Novozhilov.

ОАО ИлThe first commander of a separate air squadron for Il-62 operation tests and honoured pilot of the USSR Nikolai Pavlenkov told how Aeroflot pilots mastered new intercontinental airliner.

Commander of the Il-62 Sergey Tarasov added that the monument turned out to be beautiful. The plane stands motionless as if it froze during take-off, at the moment when the nose landing gear separates from runway and the aircraft begins to climb. The plane received classic Aeroflot livery which looks especially good and bright.

At the close of the ceremony Mikhail Vasilenko, Genrikh Novozhilov, Vladimir Sleptsov, Nikolai Pavlenkov and Sergey Tarason cut the ribbon, announcing that the Il-62 monument has been opened.

For information

The Il-62 is the first Soviet jet intercontinental airliner. For many years it remained the flagship of the country’s civil aviation fleet and was able to fly in adverse weather conditions, on all latitudes and at any time of day or night. Thanks to original engineering solutions the plane provided high level of security and comfort for passengers and crews.

The Il-62 set several world speed and flying range records. The first flight took place on January 2, 1963. The aircraft was manufactured at KAPO named after S. Gorbunov, a total of 287 planes, both the Il-62 and the Il-62M, were manufactured.

From Sheremetyevo Airport the Il-62 opened trans-Siberian, international and intercontinental air bridges to Montreal, Stockholm, Frankfurt am Main, Paris, Delhi, New York and other cities. Up to the present day the Il-62M is operated by the Russian Air Force.

Like other Ilyushin planes the Il-62 embodies good technical and economic qualities, made possible by aerodynamic perfection and high weight design standards. The plane met the standards of the world technical and economic level. This first and foremost was the achievement of creative designer team. For creation of the long-range airliner Il-62 the team of design-engineers, including Genrikh Novozhilov, was awarded the Lenin Prize.

on the Il-62M aircraft installed as a monument in Sheremetyevo International Airport

ОАО Ил Il-62M aircraft, manufacturing No. 4140324, serial No. 4002 (second plane of the 40 series), tail No. RA-86492, built on October 30, 1981 at KAPO named after S. P. Gorbunov.
Operated from 23.11.1981 till 24.04.98. As of Janyary 1997 the plan had the following operating time:

Since new – 30,390 flight hours, 6,027 flights.

Since last overhaul – 10,139 flight hours, 1,932 flights.

In 1996 the plane logged 2,626 flight hours and performed 501 flights.

Initially the aircraft operated with 235 flight detachment, on July 18, 1984 was handed over to Central Department of International Air Services and relocated to Sheremetyevo. During its time with the organization and with Aeroflot the plane had average annual use of over 2,000 flight hours and over 500 flights.

Overall this aircraft has transported over 800 thousand passengers and more than 9 thousand tons of baggage.