OJSC «Il» plans to overhaul seven Il-76 aircraft for foreign customers in 2015

01 June 2015
ОАО Ил OJSC «Il» executes overhaul of heavy military transport aircraft of the Il-76 family and Il-78 tankers for foreign customers. In May 2015 from Zhukovsky aerodrome near Moscow two planes — Il-76TD and IL-78, belonging to a foreign operator, flew to their base aerodromes after overhaul. All repairs were performed by OJSC «Il» specialists. A total of ten aircraft of foreign operators have been overhauled in 2014-2015. Before the end of 2015 it is planned to overhaul seven more aircraft.

According to delivery terms of heavy military transport Il-76 aircraft and its modifications to foreign customers, the overhaul procedure is obligatory after 5,000 flight hours, or 2,500 flights, of 5 years, depending on which happens first. However, total technical life assigned (design life for the whole aircraft life cycle) is 30,000 flight hours or 10,000 flights. When the aircraft was created, the designed operating life was established at 20 years. But based on the results of the program of life extension measures, it was increased to 40 years.

The primary goal of overhaul is to evaluate technical condition of a plane after operation and to rectify detected defects. Overhaul allows extension of TBO and service life for foreign customer aircraft by 5,000 flight hours, or by 2,500 flights, or by 5 years.

OJSC «Il», being the designer of the Il aircraft, is the only organization entitled to extend life and service time of the aircraft, and provides services in this field to the operators of aircraft equipment. OJSC «Il» executes designer and technical supervision of the Il aircraft. The document confirming air worthiness of a plane is the decision to extend necessary service times and life.

Heavy transport aircraft Il-76 and its modifications are operated in many countries around the world, including India, China, Algeria, Jordan, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Iraq, Iran, Angola, Pakistan, Lybia, Sudan, Yemen, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Syria.

Contracts for overhaul of aircraft for foreign customers are concluded by OJSC «Il», as well as with participation from JSC Rosoboronexport and JSC Aviazapchast.