OJSC «Il» children camp «Druzhba» opens the 60th summer season

27 May 2015
ОАО ИлLess than a week is left till the opening of the first shift in «Druzhba» children camp with some of the best conditions and services among children camps in Moscow Oblast. It will be the 60th summer season.

There are contests, festivals, craft workshops and sport programs prepared for 256 children of employees of OJSC «Il» and other aviation and transport enterprises. During 4 summer shifts more than 1100 children will have rest in the camp and get health and energy boost for the upcoming academic year.

«There are no vacant places in the first shift already. A special atmosphere, created by our staff, allows every child to feel his or her significance, try their hands in various creative areas. After their first stay here children always want to come back for the subsequent shifts,» told Head of «Druzhba» camp Alexey Alexeyev.

This season there will be 30 different clubs and interest groups. The children can try making stuffed toys, bead weaving, leather and wool handicraft, poker drawing, plasticine and dough modeling, drawing, recording studio, swimming, horse-riding, bicycle, kayak and football clubs and many other opportunities. And the most important thing is our counselors, united by their love for children and desire to help their improvement.

«We are very strict when it comes to recruiting counselors. Usually they are students from pedagogical universities, who we have previously met and interviewed. We pick candidates with organizing skills, responsible and with love for children. We also invite people who gained good reputation during the previous shifts,» said Alexeyev.

This year «Druzhba» children health camp celebrates the 60th birthday. The preparations for the anniversary season started last year. Room conditions were improved, the buildings were renovated and now have vinyl windows, the camp territory was landscaped.

«We have a surprise for the children — this anniversary year we painted our buildings with graffiti. It looks very unusual. On Camp Day which falls on the third shift we will have a colourful festival «Naughtiness holiday» and a circus performance. Besides kids will be able to enjoy amusement rides», said Alexeyev.

Good children rest during summer, proper regimen, active outdoors pastime and participation in team entertaining events foster physical and intellectual development of a child and also plant love for working.

«Proper children rest is a cornerstone of health and academic success,» said Svetlana Suleymanova, Head of OJSC «Il» Press office.