Aircraft designer Nikolay Dmitirevich Talikov celebrates his 70th birthday anniversary

22 May 2015
Таликов 22 May 2015 Nikolay Dmitirevich Talikov, Deputy General director OJSC «IL» celebrates his 70th birthday anniversary. He has worked at his beloved enterprise for almost 50 years, working up from Design technician to General designer and Deputy General director.

Nikolay Dmitrievich participated in engineering IL-76 aircraft as a designer, representative of the Design bureau at flight testings, Chief of complex aircraft department; he solved different issues of combat use of IL-76 and its modifications in a part of parachute-transport equipment of the aircraft with manpower, military cargo and equipment parachuting. Building of IL-76 modifications – fire, search-and-rescue, flying laboratories, was mainly his merit.

Nikolay Dmitrievich Talikov implemented his design solutions in practice: he managed cargo drop at floating stations «North pole», participated in fire fighting at military weapon warehouses in Erevan and Vladivostok using fire fighting aircraft IL-76, three times participated in unique and complex flights of IL-76MD-TD to Antarctica to Bellingshausen, Molodezhnaya and Novolazarevskaya stations.

As a Chief designer Nikolay Dmitrievich Talikov headed engineering of turboprop passenger aircraft IL-114 and its modifications.

Nikolay Dmitrievich combines managing work with active inventive and teaching work. He is the author of more than 60 inventions which were implemented in aircraft engineering, many articles and six books on aviation history and history of Ilyushin Design bureau.

N.D. Talikov’s work in Ilyushin Aviation Complex is a good example of serving to the national aircraft industry. His work was marked with orders of Badge of Honor and for Personal Courage, many medals and pectoral badges of honor, rank of Honored Aircraft Designer.

On this big day colleagues and management of OJSC «IL» wish to Nikolay Dmitrievich good health, success in all his undertakings, inspiration and new achievements in strengthening of defensive might of Russia.