Another 39 IL-76MD-90A aircraft delivered for painting after final assembly in CJSC «Aviastar-SP»

25 May 2015
ОАО ИлAnother 39 IL-76MD-90A transport aircraft man No 0105 was delivered for painting to OJSC «Spektr-Avia» after final assembly at CJSC «Aviastar-SP» . Works on systems and equipment installation completed, up-to-date avionics was installed in the cockpit of the aircraft. Fuel testings of wing box and center wing pressure testing were carried out.

After painting ground finish will be conducted at the aircraft.

«IL-76MD-90A manufacture is considered priority project of the enterprise. In 2015 the plant already handed over one aircraft of these series into operation. Till the end of the year two more aircraft will be handed over into operation under Ministry of defense contract» , - marks General Director CJSC «Aviastar-SP» Sergey Dementiev.

After ground finish and plant flight testings IL-76MD-90A aircraft will be handed over to the customer.

IL-76MD-90A is a deeply modernized version of the proven IL-76 aircraft, designed by OJSC «IL» . New pilot-navigation complex, automatic control system, communication complex and «glass» cabin meet all latest requirements to aircraft avionics and considerably increase flight safety, navigation and airlift accuracy. Replacement of D-30KP-2 operational engines by rather more up-to-date PS-90A-76 ones, modified wing and beefed-up gear considerably widens operational possibilities of the aircraft.