Monument to Viktor Livanov unveiled at the Troyekurovskoye Cemetery

15 May 2015

Today the monument to aircraft designer V. V. Livanov, who passed away on May 15, 2014 at the age of 71, was unveiled.

The monument opening ceremony was attended by Viktor Livanov’s widow Tatyana, his friends and family, representatives of OJSC «Il», ministries and agencies, PJSC UAC, partner companies and many others, who knew him and remembers him.

When opening the ceremony, OJSC «Il» General Director Sergey Velmozhkin said that Viktor Livanov was an outstanding person of great intelligence, he saved the Ilyushin company throughout difficult years, made an invaluable contribution in the improvement of defense potential of our country.

Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Andrey Boginsky pointed out that Viktor Livanov’s contribution to the development of Russian aviation industry is invaluable. President of PJSC UAC Yury Slyusar added that last year one of the most memorable events for him became the opening of Livanov’s prospect in Ulyanovsk, where aviation workers, who create Ilyushin planes, would live.

Commander of Long Range Aviation of the Russian Air Force, General-Lieutenant Anatoly Zhikharev assured, that military pilots, who fly Il aircraft, consider them the best planes. It is symbolic that in the flyover, commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory, six air groups were headed by Ilyushin planes. A. Zhikharev expressed his confidence that memory of Viktor Livanov will remain forever in the hearts of the Russian Air Force personnel.

General Director of JSC Aviastar-SP Sergey Dementiev said that, thanks to Viktor Livanov, the enterprise in Ulyanovsk, which manufactures Il-76MD-90A, got its third birth.
General Director – General Designer of JSC Concern Morinformsystem-Agat Georgy Antsev spoke about friendly relations between him and Viktor Livanov, he said that he could talk to him not only about work and planes, but also about life, children, family and friends.

A lot of kind words about Viktor Vladimirovich were said by General Director of JSC «Ilyushin Finance Co» Alexander Rubtsov, by the family and friends of the aircraft designer.

For information

General Director – General Designer of OJSC «Ilyushin Aviation Complex», General Designer of aircraft systems for transport aviation of the Russian Federation, laureate of State Prize of the Russian Federation in science and technology, Doctor of Economics, Head of Chair of Special Aircraft and Aviation Information and Measurement Systems, Department of Aeromechanics and airborne equipment of MIPT; Cavalier of the Order «For Merit to the Fatherland», Honoured aviation worker, Cavalier of the Order «Badge of Honour», Cavalier of the Order of Friendship of Peoples.

Viktor Livanov was born on September 17, 1943 in Khabarovsk. He started his career in 1967 as a process engineer at Moscow Engineering Plant named after Ilyushin. Later he worked as a bureau chief, crew foreman, Assistant Chief Designer of Moscow Engineering Plant named after S. V. Ilyushin.

He devoted his whole life to this company and created his own signature leadership style where there were no insolvable problems. Work ethic, honesty, drive, commitment to his principles, ability to successfully finish a business, outgoingness — it is an incomplete list of the qualities he was valued and respected for.

In 1988 Livanov was elected Director of the enterprise. In 1996-1997 Victor Livanov worked as Deputy Minister of Defense Industry of the Russian Federation. In 1997 he was elected again as General Director and later became General Designer of OJSC «Ilyushin Aviation Complex.» In 2012 he was appointed General Designer of aircraft systems for transport aviation of the Russian Federation.

He was directly involved in the creation of the Il-96-300, Il-96-M/T, Il-76MF, Il-114. Under his leadership for the first time in Russia there was applied the technology of fuselage adjustment for the long-range aircraft, the military-transport Il-76MD-90A was put into mass production using digital technology; the new advanced aircraft equipment was being developed. Livanov’s achievements were marked by high state, professional and social awards.

Till his last day Viktor Vladimirovich worked at the enterprise, endured hard times with his co-workers and passed away while on the ascent, full of hopes and plans for the future. He is buried at the Troyekurovskoye Cemetery. Loving memory of Viktor Livanov will remain forever in the hearts of Ilyushin employees and all Russian aviation workers