OJSC «Il» attracts young professionals from Zhukovsky

22 April 2015
IMG_2821.jpg OJSC «Il» is working actively in order to build the basis of industry-specific educational institutions which can provide young professionals for the enterprise.

As part of this program the delegation from OJSC «Il» Labour and Employment Relations Department visited Lyceum No. 14 named after M. M. Gromov and Zhukovsky Aviation Technical School named after V. A. Kazakov in Zhukovsky. The delegation was composed of Deputy Chief of Department Oleg Khlynin, Advisor of Chief of Deprartment Vadim Kucherov and Chief of Educational Institutions Relations Office Andrey Pozdnyakov.

The educational institutions were not chosen by accident. The Lyceum, being a multilateral educational institution, also has an aviation direction. Students can join an aeromodelling club, train on a flight simulator of a light aircraft. The Technical School trains specialists who are in great demand at OJSC «Il».

During the meeting with lyceum authorities there have been reached an agreement on cooperation in career guidance of school students, they have plans to put OJSC «Il» information stands in the lyceum, organize meetings of students with veteran workers of the enterprise, arrange excursions to the Zhukovsky branch and meetings of graduate students with representatives of the department for targeted university entrance by the assignment from OJSC «Il».

«The meeting with lyceum authorities was extremely valuable: we got an insight into the teaching process and education level of lyceum students. Our cooperation will promote the interest of students in aviation and future career of an aircraft designer,» says Andrey Pozdnyakov.

In Zhukovsky Aviation Technical School named after V. A. Kazakov the delegation from OJSC «Il» Labour and Employment Relations IMG_2806.jpgDepartment met with authorities and senior students from the department of Aircraft Manufacturing. Chief of production of OJSC «Il» branch in Zhukovsky Alexander Bushmanov also visited the school to meet students.

There was a direct dialog on practical training and employment at the enterprise. OJSC «Il» representatives told future young specialists about development prospects, working conditions, social benefits and support.

«Such events are essential both for the graduate students and for us — potential employers. It is important that some of these kids did on-the-job training at our branch. Now they can already consult their friends on employment and training at OJSC «Il», said Pozdnyakov.

OJSC «Il» gives special attention to the question of recruitment of young professionals, therefore such meetings are held on a regular basis. They allow effective organization of career guidance at the earliest stage — in schools and engineering colleges. Considering the importance of the goals of the company to relocate major production capacities to Zhukovsky, employees of Labour and Employment Relations Department of OJSC “Il” are looking for new ways to recruit personnel for branch subdivisions.