Flowers were laid to the sculpture of S.V. Ilyushin at OJSC «IL»

31 March 2015
31 March 1894 Sergey Vladimirovich Ilyushin was born, an outstanding aircraft designer, founder of design bureau, General Designer, Academician of Academy of Science USSR, Colonel General of technical engineering service, three times Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of seven Stalin’s and Lenin’s prizes, State Prize of the USSR.

Folwing the tradition, on this day veterans, workers and young specialists OJSC «IL» laid flowers to the sculpture of S.V. Ilyushin at the territory of the enterprise and the grave at Novodevichie cemetery.

Under direction of Ilyushin best prototypes of military, passenger and transport aircraft of that time were produced. They are marked out for their simplicity of structure, produce-ability, high reliability, long life time, comfort piloting and maintenance.

The great impact into the victory in the Great patriotic War was made by legendary attack planes IL-2 and IL-10, long-range bombers IL-4, which formed more than 30 percent of all combat planes. In the post-war years IL-28 became the first mass jet bomber of the Air Force.