OJSC “Il” founds educational and incentive scholarships

23 March 2015
 Support of research activities and incentive of students of MAI, MATI and other universities are a parts of OJSC “Il” program of recruitment of highly skilled personnel. At present there have been implemented the regulations on signature, educational and incentive scholarships along with V.V. Livanov’s scholarship.

“Our goal is to find and train highly skilled professionals for the enterprise, to support research activities of the most talented students. Applicants, seeking OJSC “Il” scholarships, can be regular full-time university student along with employees of our company, who are studying for a degree,” said Head of OJSC “Il” Human Resources Department Vladimir Syplivets.

Applicants for signature, educational and incentive scholarships are determined on competition basis by HR Department, and in case of V.V. Livanov’s scholarship – by a joint commission that includes representatives of MATI and OJSC “Il.” Students are evaluated according to their learning progress and research works. Scholarships are given for the period of one term or academic year, which does not exclude the right to receive other payments and financial aids, stipulated in the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Signature scholarship can be sought by full-time students at a university which has made a target training agreement with OJSC “Il”, or by students who work at OJSC “Il”. Furthermore they should have good academic performance, participate in the life of OJSC “Il” and/or their university, be award-winners or participants of academic competitions, conferences and contests.

Educational scholarship can be given to company employees who are part-time or evening-time students at a university.

Incentive scholarship, the amount of which depends on academic progress, is given to full-time students, who study on the basis of the agreement on targeted professional training.

“The first three kinds of scholarships are given predominantly to MAI students. This university is becoming the main source of engineering personnel for our enterprise. We have also developed a regulation on V.V. Livanov’s scholarship. It can be obtained only by MATI students. The scholarship was founded to memorialize MATI alumnus Victor Livanov, who was in charge of OJSC “Il” for twenty five years,” pointed Syplivets.

In recent years OJSC “Il” actively develops the program “school – university – enterprise” and deliberately works to recruit future employees from schools and universities. Under the education program the company conducts meetings between school and university students with OJSC “Il” management, introduces them to the work process in the bureau and invites senior students for on-the-job training. Incentive of the most talented students is another motivational factor for a more intensive study of specialized subjects and more quality training of potential employees.