OJSC “Il” participates in the international air show “Aero India-2015”

18 February 2015
At the international air show “Aero India-2015” OJSC “Il” presents its designs in military-transport aviation – the light military carrier Il-112V and Russian-Indian multirole transport aircraft (MTA). “Aero India-2015” air show in the city of Bangalore will continue till February 22.

OJSC “Il” exhibits are represented on a united stand of JSC “United Aircraft Corporation.” Company management understands the importance of South Asian region today and makes every effort to finalize the precontract documents for MTA.

MTA is being developed under the intergovernmental agreement between Russia and India. According to normative documents it is ranked as an operation and tactical medium-size military transport aircraft, which is able to transport a wide range of different cargo weighing up to 20 tons for 2000 kilometers, from unpaved and artificial runways. There is a stipulated possibility to operate the aircraft from high-level aerodromes in any geographical and climatic environment, day and night, under visual and adverse weather conditions. As a military-transport aircraft MTA is designed for transporting and parachuting of personnel, cargo and equipment on platforms, free-dropping of cargo from low altitudes. The aircraft is expected to be further developed through creation of modification on its basis.

Considering high export potential, the designers take into account not only requirements of the Russian and Indian Air Force, but also of potential customers.

The program of creation of multirole transport aircraft is the first international aviation project in the area of military technical cooperation in the history of the Russian Federation, with full creation cycle of high technology military products, including generation of performance specifications, development, production, operation, after-sale service, recycling and promotion of this product to third countries.

To ensure effective team work of Indian and Russian participants in every area of cooperation a joint Indian-Russian enterprise “Multirole Transport Aircraft Ltd.” (MTA Ltd.) was created and registered in Bangalore (India). Project financing is provided by both parties on a parity basis. The parties meet the financing obligations in accordance with signed agreements.

In December 2014 OJSC “Il” and the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation concluded a state contract for R&D work on creation of a light military carrier Il-112V. It is designated for transporting and air delivery of light armaments and military equipment, cargo and personnel, as well as for cargo transportation in revenue service.