Russian Air Force held a unique bombing practice from heavy military-transport aircraft IL-76MD

03 February 2015
Unique practice with crews of military-transport aviation of Russian Air Force was held at air ground in Tver region.

The pilots had a task to independently carry out landing of troops at unknown and unprepared territory in the rear of hypothetical enemy. At that targeting troops crews onboard IL-76MD designed by Aviation Complex Ilyushin by themselves carried out visual inspection of platforms at the ground using flash bombs, carried out release of radiobeacons for aircraft targeting with landing troops and applied air bombs at ground target.

Bombing was carried out at speed 500 km/h from the altitude of 500 to 1000 meters. Total more than 10 crews from aviation units of military-transport aviation of the Russian Air Force, located in Tver, Orenburg, Pskov and Taganrog, participated in the practice. Pilots made over 8 flights at different time of the day, having dropped not at least 30 air bombs weighing to 500 kg and having spent more than 100 hours total in the air.