82nd anniversary of «Aviation Complex Ilyushin»

13 January 2015
13 January 1933, by order No. 411 of Deputy of People’s Commissar of heavy industry of USSR and Chief of the Main Authority of aviation industry P.I. Baranov, at plant No. 39 named after V.R. Menzhinsky the designer bureau of light and military series aircraft construction for organization of closing cycle designing concept was founded.

Sergey Vladimirovich Ilyushin was appointed to the position of Chief of Central Design Bureau of test aircraft construction at plant No. 39. This was the beginning of our enterprise.

Traditional pre-New Year meeting of the present General Director OJSC “IL” Sergey Alekseevich Sergeev with work collective of the enterprise on the New Eve 2015 was devoted to the 82nd anniversary of the company foundation.

The Head of the company congratulated the collective, summarized production and financial results of the year and spoke about priority targets for 2015.

S.A. Sergeev informed OJSC “IL” workers of structural changes in the company, forming of program directorates for key programs, reminded that Directorate of transport aviation programs UAC has formed a development program for transport aviation product line till 2030:

1. Light military transport aircraft IL-112V (LVTS) with weight capacity to 5-6 tons (to replace AN-26 and AN-72/74).

2. Medium military transport aircraft (MTS/SVTS) with weight capacity to 20 tons (to replace AN-12).

3. Heavy military transport aircraft IL-76MD-90A (to replace IL-76MD/MD-M).

4. Series of super-heavy prospective transport aircraft with weight capacity to 80 tons and more (to replace AN-22 and AN-124).

S.A. Sergeev spoke about the progress of implementation of programs for aircraft modernization (IL-38N and IL-76MD-M aircraft), organizing of after-sales support of IL aircraft, prospective if employment development of OJSC “IL”, extension of designer staff, development of planning system, monitoring, control and stimulation. He stressed on necessity of creating good emotional environment for employees and team building.

S.A. Sergeev spoke about the progress of integration processes of forming a business unit “Transport aviation”, which would include OJSC “IL”, Myasischev Electric-machinery plant, UAC Transport aircraft, Aviastar-SP and OJSC “VASO”.

The meeting was held a friendly atmosphere, in conclusion of the meeting S.A. Sergeev answered question of the employees.