OJSC “Il” test-pilot Vladimir Irinarkhov celebrates his 70th birthday

03 January 2015
Иринархов В.М. Today honoured test-pilot of the Russian Federation Vladimir Irinarkhov celebrates his 70th birthday. He was born on January 3, 1945 in Moscow. After the secondary school he went to Orenburg Military Air Force Academy named after I.S. Polbin. After that he served as a naval aviation pilot in the Baltic Fleet. From 1993 he has been working as a test-pilot with Ilyushin Design Bureau.

Vladimir Irinarkhov tested the Il-114, Il-114T, Il-38N, Il-38SD, Il-76, Il-76MF, Il-96-300, Il-96MO, Il-96-400.

He performed 18 unique landings and takeoffs in the Antarctic on the “Patriot Hills” ice platform on the Il-76 with near-zero friction coefficient and strong crosswind (2001-2002). These flights resulted in the development of a method for takeoff and landing on similar platforms and also in the deployment of “Antarctic Odyssey 2001” expedition.

Vladimir Irinarkhov executed a test program for airlift delivery of cargo platforms without the pilot shute from the Il-76 and trained flight personnel of EMERCOM of Russia.

He flew the Il-38N for the first time and executed a full cycle of state tests, including combat employment of the aircraft. During the test he accomplished the first ever antiship missile drop from the turboprop anti-submarine Il-38.

In 2007 Vladimir Irinarkhov performed the first unique transatlantic flight to Venezuela.