OJSC “Il” test-pilot Igor Zakirov celebrates his 70th birthday

02 January 2015
Закиров И.Р. Today honoured test-pilot of the USSR and Hero of the Russian Federation Igor Zakirov celebrates his 70th birthday. He was born on January 2, 1945 in Ufa. He graduated from Orenburg Military Air Force Academy named after I.S. Polbin, Test-Pilot School of the Ministry of Aircraft Industry and Moscow Aviation Institute.

In 1967-1971 he served as a naval aviation pilot in the Baltic Fleet. From 1971 he worked as a test-pilot with Flight Research Institute. In 1973 he joined Ilyushin Design Bureau.

Igor Zakirov tested the Il-18, Il-62, Il-38, Il-76, Il-86, Il-96-300, Il-96MO, Il-96T, Il-114, Il-114T, Il-76P. He also participated in the whole tactical employment program of the Il-76 and its modifications. He went through the complete firefighting test program of the Il-76P

He personally executed airdropping of space objects from high altitude, airdrop delivery of super-heavy cargo (47 tons), flights to the North Pole stations and to the ice aerodrome in the Antarctic.

Igor Zakirov performed the maiden flight of the production Il-114, transport Il-114T and modified Il-76P with VAP.

Besides test flights he demonstrated the Ilyushin aircraft on international exhibitions and airshows in various capitals of the world.

For valor and bravery, demonstrated during testing, developing and mastering new types of aircraft Igor Zakirov was awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation.