One of the best specialists of Russia in aviation photography Nikolay Nilov celebrates 85 years

25 November 2014
Нилов Н.В..jpg25 November 2014 Nikolay Nilov celebrates 85 years. Having worked in the company for 71 years he still works in OJSC “IL”. He is one of the best specialists of Russia in aviation photography. He made photos of test and serial IL aircraft: from IL-22 to new heavy military-transport IL-756MD-90A.

Nikolay Vasilievich was born on 25 November 1929 in Moscow. His childhood was in severe war years, when everybody worked: men, women, adults and teenagers. At the age of 14 years he came to Ilyushin Design Bureau plant as assistant’s apprentice. At that time he started to meet interesting people, he got acquainted with the profession he is in up to now.

He had to make a lot of pictures for technical description of structure elements of test aircraft under construction, to work at flight tests. Special attention was paid to making photos of aircraft at first take off and in the air.

It is not easy to make a good picture of aircraft in the air even now, and at that time it was much more difficult. In order to catch a needed view he had to stand in a door opening, peep out and take a camera out of the fuselage with the head in the air.

Once taking pictures of IL-18 at the background of Elborus Nikolay Vasilievich had to work at the altitude of 6000m without oxygen mask.

“I could hardly see because of the shortage of oxygen. I took exposure meter, but couldn’t see anything. But I was young and had experience and finally made this shot. It was a good picture.” – Nikolay Vasilievich recalls that case.

IL aircraft participated and were demonstrated at many air shows of the world: Le Bourget in Paris, Farnborough in England, in Germany, in China. Nikolay Nilov always was a part of delegation of the company and ministry.

Designers have always noticed new practical decisions, applied in aircraft engineering and demonstrated at air shows. Nikolay Nilov’s task was to photograph everything interesting. And he perfectly did this.

Today Nikolay Nilov heads photo-video department of the company, he is awarded with Order of Labour Red Banner, medals.

“The destiny gave a chance to find myself in profession and I used it: if it was not this job, where could I meet the cleverest people of my generation, see the world?” – Nikolay Nilov asks.

Ilyushin team sincerely congratulates Nilov Nikolay Vasilievich with 85th anniversary and wises him good health and new success in his work!

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