First heavy military-transport IL-76MD-90A aircraft, built within the frame of SDO, transferred for making of special complex to the benefit of Air Force

21 November 2014
Ил-76МД-90А_Ульяновск4.jpgToday 21 November 2014 in Ulyanovsk at the territory of flight-test complex Aviastar-SP, located in Ulyanovsk-Vostochny airport, a solemn ceremony of transferring first IL-76MD-90A aircraft to customer was held. Heavy military-transport IL-76MD-90A aircraft, designed by Ilyushin Aviation Complex, is in serial manufacture at Aviastar-SP. The customer of the aircraft was Beriev Aircraft Company, where there will be made a new generation aviation complex of special purpose for the Russian Air Force at the base of the aircraft.

The Governor – Chairman of the Government of Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov, General Director OJSC “IL” Sergey Sergeev, General Director Aviastar-SP Sergey Dementiev, General Director of Beriev Aircraft Company Igor Garivadsky, General Director UAC – Transport Aircraft Olga Fedonyuk participated in the solemn ceremony.

S.A. Sergeev in his speech at the solemn ceremony accented that this aircraft was engineered and built within the frame of Defense procurement especially as per customer’s order represented by the Ministry of Defense and meets all modern requirements. IL-76MD-90A is a multifunctional aircraft. As expected it would be used not only as transport aircraft, but also as a platform for different aircraft of special purpose. It can be tanker, fire fighter, and rescuer. Not only the Ministry of Defense is interested in it, but also MES, MIA, FSB and other ministries which use IL-76 aircraft today.

“Handover to operation of this IL-76MD-90A transport aircraft is the result of active work of the whole team of Ulyanovsk aviation plant. Today Aviastar’s production program provides sequential gathering speed of transport aircraft production. By 2017 it is planned to produce about 15-17 aircraft annually” – Sergey Dementiev marked in his speech.

Ил-76МД-90А_Ульяновск.jpgIn conclusion of the ceremony S.G. Dementiev handed over to O.P. Fedonyuk and I.B. Garivadsky symbolic “keys” from the aircraft, after which a ribbon at the aircraft stairway was cut.

President UAC M.A. Pogosyan commented handing over of the first IL-76MD-90A to the customer: “The corporation has completed the task of providing serial manufacture of the aircraft in Ulyanovsk. Now we are focused on gathering speed of work for guaranteed performance of supply plan to the Ministry of Defense of Russia – our main customer in the segment of transport aviation.

“We are completely satisfied by characteristic of the aircraft and the way of the program carrying out. New features, received due to deep modernization of IL, considerably widen the area of the aircraft use. It is the platform for production of multi-purpose transport aircraft, which provides crew paradropping, transportation of military equipment, fuel, containers, and also for organizing special aviation complexes. Potential of IL-76MD-90A meets modern requirements of the country’s Air Force and has big prospective for the future.” – Commander-in-Chief Viktor Bondarev accented.