First serial modernized anti-submarine IL-38N participated in contest of navy aviation flight crew flight skills “Sea ace”

18 November 2014
IL-38NContest of navy aviation flight crew flight skills “Sea ace” was held at 859th Russian Air Force's combat employment and retraining centre of Russian Navy, deployed in Yeysk.

From the Center there was First serial modernized anti-submarine IL-38N aircraft, handed over this summer by Ilyushin Aviation Complex to Russian Navy fleet air.

The winner of the category “Best crew of IL-38 anti-submarine navy aviation aircraft” was Pacific fleet navy aviation crew, Crew Chief Major Timakov Sergey Nikolaevich. Northern fleet IL-38 crew under command of guard major Andrey Bondarenko also participated in the contest.

In the course of the competition antisubmarine pilots not only demonstrated high theoretic knowledge and flight skills, but also shared practical experience of task performance in search and detection of foreign submarines and carrying out search and rescue operations at sea. As practical exercises of the competition program they made flight on scheduled route with coming out to outdoor range at set time, where they performed bombing at radio-located contrast target, practiced fight maneuvering passing air defense systems of short range.

According to Commander-in-Chief of Naval Forces of Russia, Admiral Viktor Chirkov, the competitions were held in accordance with instructions of the Minister of Defense of Russia and were of important practical kind aimed at generalization of advanced experience of Northern, Pacific, Baltic and Black sea fleet pilots for more precise definition of the further development lines and advancing of battle training system of Navy fleet air flying personnel.

For reference

OJSC «IL» (part of UAC) within the frame of contract, which provides serial modernization of five combatant Russian Navy Aviation aircraft, carries out works on implementation to it new target search and track system “Novella-P-38”, engineered by OJSC «TsNPO «Leninets», which considerably widens the volume of tasks solved and combat capabilities of the aircraft.

As per the contract terms, with the purpose of integration of UAC enterprises, modernization of two of five aircraft is carried out by forces of Myasischev experimental machine plant according to OJSC «IL» documentation. Besides, before modernization four aircraft were repaired at OJSC Aviation repair plant in Pushkin, Leningrad region.

With the new target search and track system modernized aircraft can successfully complete tasks of patrolling, search and demolishing submarines (with applying widened comparing to base IL-38 nomenclature of armament), radio electric supervision of above sea and air targets, mining, search and rescue people in the sea and ecologic monitoring of water surface.

IL-38 aircraft modernization is a strong contribution of UAC, OJSC «IL», Myasischev experimental machine plant and OJSC «TsNPO «Leninets» into defense capacity of our Motherland.

As agreed with Naval Aviation Command, the first serial modernized IL-38N aircraft is named after Radiy Petrovich Papkovsky, an outstanding designer of Ilyushin Design Bureau, who made a great impact into engineering of this aircraft.