80th anniversary of the birthday of the honored test pilot Stanislav Grigoryevich Bliznyuk

18 November 2014
Stanislav Grigoryevich BliznyukOn 18 November it was 80th anniversary of the birthday of the honored test pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union, Stanislav Grigoryevich Bliznyuk.

He worked at Ilyushin Design Bureau more than 40 years. He made 8600 flights, has total 7300 flying hours, of which 5400 are test ones.

Onboard IL-76 as a second pilot he set 21st world speed aviation record.

Stanislav Bliznyuk was born on 18 November 1934 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). He graduated from Military Aviation Pilot College in Yeysk, Higher civil aviation flight school in Ulyanovsk, test-pilot school. He worked as flight instructor, pilot of Moscow directorate of transport aviation of civil air fleet. In 1965 he came to Ilyushin design bureau as test-pilot. While he had good health he tested aircraft. In 2000 he became Deputy Director of flight test and finishing base for flight provision and worked at this position up to 2008.

Stanislav Grigorievich trained over 50 Crew Chiefs from test-pilots of the Ministry of Aviation Industry, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Air Force, including cosmonaut Volk I.P., Levchenko A.S. and their backups.

As a Crew Chief Bliznyuk held a big number of IL aircraft tests. He raised to the sky for the first time wide body passenger airliners IL-96-300 and IL-96MO, wide body transport aircraft IL-96T, attack plane IL-102, reconnaissance aircraft IL-20. He participated in testings of IL-38, IL-62M, IL-76K, IL-76M, IL-76MD, IL-76T, IL-80, IL-86, IL-114.

At that Stanislav Bliznyuk not infrequently had to work in Extreme conditions.

So during testing of IL-20, he saved lives to the crew members and equipment, having shown courage and heroism.

In 1986-1987 during polar night, using a new way of aerial delivery system from IL-76 he delivered fuel and food to polar stations SP-27 and SP-28 in distress.

In August 1989 Stanislav Grigoryevich Bliznyuk as Crew commander carried international expedition to Antarctica onboard IL-76, he landed the heavy transport aircraft at the airdrome of King George Island for the first time, having showed perfect flying skills, stamina and cool head.

For reduction of the aircraft run during landing all the scope of measures was applied: turn on of reverse of two inner engines at runway touch and further reverse turn on of two outer engines during run-on, use of all wing mechanization, use of side doors as brake flaps, reduced pressure of all landing gears.

Испытатели самолета Ил-96-300. В цетре - С.Г. Близнюк28 September 1988 as a Crew Chief Stanislav Bliznyuk made the hardest first take off of a new test wide body liner IL-96-300 from the runway of only 1300km length of Central airdrome named after Frunze, Moscow.

Take off of the big jet aircraft in five km from Kremlin was a big responsibility for crew members. But success saved time and money. If they failed to take off, it would be almost impossible to transport enormous fuselage of 6.08 m length to Zhukovsky,

“Once Bliznyuk told me: having understood that while run-out acceleration went down, he decided to count till three and then stop the take off, which equaled to catastrophe. I know about those three seconds, but in this dialog Bliznyuk confessed that he counted till four. In these moments he lived through hard thoughts: if the aircraft manage to get the speed needed for takeoff, - Genrikh Novozhilov, General Designer of Ilyushin Design bureau (1970-2005) recalled.

In 2000 Stanislav Bliznyuk together with a group of colleagues from Ilyushin Design bureau was awarded State Prize of Russia in science and engineering for participation in engineering first wide body long-range IL-96-300 airliner.

Despite his hard and long disease Stanislav Bliznyuk worked at ILyushin till his last days. He passed away 14 October 2008. He was buried at Khovanskoe cemetery.