CJSC “Aviastar-SP”steps up the production of Il-76MD-90A

05 November 2014
ОАО "Ил" On October 31, 2014, the second heavy military carrier Il-76MD-90A, built this year (serial № 01-04), was transported to flight-test base after the final assembly at CJSC “Aviastar-SP.” The aircraft is designed by OJSC “Il.” The pressure testing of the aircraft fuel system has finished. After the scheduled ground works and factory flight tests it will be handed over for painting.

According to OJSC “Il” General Director of program management Sergey Artyuhov, the decision to move the production of the aircraft to Ulyanovsk proved to be right, productive and effective. The Il-76MD-90A is a very reliable aircraft, equipped with modern Russian-made engines, new flight navigation complex, digital automatic flight control system. One of its main features is the potential to use in different spheres as a military carrier, tanker, water-bomber. Sergey Artyuhov emphasized that we would make every effort so that our main customer – the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation – was satisfied with our plane.

ОАО "Ил"At the same time the previous Il-76MD-90A (registration № 78651, factory № 01-01) has successfully finished the factory flight test program. A joint crew of OJSC “Il” and CJSC “Aviastar-SP” test-pilots examined operational ability of all systems of the new aircraft, engine and equipment performance.

The latest flight was made on October 30, 2014 and lasted 6 hours and 7 minutes. The flight was successful. The landing was carried out at night on the runway of the flight-test base of “Ulyanovsk-Vostochny” airport. The plane landed exactly on time.

Later on the plane № 01-03 will undergo special flight tests. The aircraft will be accepted by the representatives of the 929th State Flight Test Center of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation named after V. Chkalov in Akhtubinsk. They have already arrived in Ulyanovsk.

After the special flight tests the plane will go to JSC “Beriev Aircraft Company” in Taganrog for creation of a special aircraft complex based on the modern platform.