OJSC «IL» holds the XVI meeting of young specialists

28 October 2014
ОАО "Ил"Over 130 young aircraft engineers and students of Russian aviation universities gathered for the XIV meeting of young specialists of OJSC “Il,” traditionally held at the premises of the OJSC “Il” branch in Personnel training center of the “Druzhba” camp. The program of the three-day rally included teambuilding trainings for young employees, intellectual and sport competitions.

“Our traditional event is held in order to boost activity of the young workers of our aviation enterprises, to find out existing problems and ways to resolve them. But the main goal of the rally is to preserve and develop human resources of OJSC “Il,” said chairman of the Young specialists’ council Oleg Agafonov.

On the first day the participants met each other, formed teams, chose their leaders and went through teambuilding trainings.

A good trial for the participants was the intellectual and sport game “Survivor.” Boys and girls could approve themselves not only good athletes, but versatile intellectuals as well. They had to go through a maze, build a temporary bridge and build a skyscraper, solve Einstein’s Riddle and participate in other equally interesting educational contests.

The second day was dedicated to special events for development of athletic, creative and intellectual abilities.

The teams participated in the original relay race “Banner bearer,” where they had to pass the banner of their team instead of a relay baton. In the next event – “Mind casino” - the participants showcased their erudition and resourcefulness by answering challenging and tricky questions on the variety of topics.

The second day was concluded by the traditional concert of OJSC “Il” music group and the guest band “Flutter.”

2.jpgThe closing ceremony was held in solemn atmosphere. OJSC “Il” General Director Sergey Sergeev and HR Director Oleg Khlynin spoke to the participants and answered all their questions.

The main discussion topic was the current state and the future development of OJSC “Il”. They spoke about various aspects of the enterprise activity: youth programs, personnel and structural changes. Young specialists received full replies to the questions they were interested in.

“In the near future we will have to solve serious problems of creation a complete product range of the new generation transport aircraft. To achieve this OJSC “Il” will increase the number of design engineers by approximately 2.5 times. Of course, for the most part, it will be young specialists. And I am sure that they will become worthy successors of OJSC “Il” traditions, most importantly of professional competence and creative search of new ideas, implementation of the best practices and technologies, in order to propel the company to the top of the world aviation industry,” summarized OJSC “Il” General Director Sergey Sergeev.

As a conclusion to the rally the winners were rewarded for active participation, will to win and perseverance in pursuing their goals.

ОАО "Ил"