New organization structure approved in OJSC “IL”

30 October 2014
27 October 2014 meeting of Aviation Complex Ilyushin Board of Directors was held in a form of absent voting, where an issue of approving enlarged organization structure of the company was considered. OJSC “IL” structure which was formed for the previous years needed to be enlarged due to a considerably increased number of OJSC “IL” programs, need for strengthening of project resources and elimination of staff shortage, integration into a joint corporate structure of UAC.

Summarizing the results of voting, a new organization structure was approved.

The new structure also provides introduction of new positions and forming of new divisions.

Program management department in format of Program directorate headed by Deputy General Director of program management is the key element. An Associated Directorate is formed in this department for free planning, monitoring and control of preparation and organization of aircraft building and sales, as well as for members coordination.

Ambitious plans in transport, passenger and special aircraft engineering, and straightening of design potential led to restructuring of Design Bureau into Engineering research scientific center (PINTs) headed by Deputy General Director– PINTs Director, who subordinates IT Department.

Affiliates in Ulyanovsk and Voronezh, restructured into PINTs affiliates will be subordinated to Deputy General Director– PINTs Director, who is in his turn subordinated to Deputy General Director – Director of Flight test and development base (LIiDB) for testing efficiency increase and development of LIiDB.

Finance and economic department is being formed (based on existing divisions and newly established Directorate for pricing) in view of considerable works enhancement of OJSC “IL” in Defense Procurement and for the purpose of activity efficiency increase.

A part of existing divisions will be restructured.

The approved OJSC “IL” organization structure better meets the needs of the company development and the segment of aircraft engineering of UAC in total. It is closer to corporate structure in terms of operability.