Another Il-76MD-90A, built at CJSC «Aviastar-SP», makes its maiden flight

03 October 2014
Il-76MD-90AOn October 3, 2014 the first flight of the new Russian heavy military-transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A took place. This particular aircraft will be handed over to JSC Beriev Aircraft Company for creation of a special airborne complex, based on the modern platform. The designer of the aircraft is OJSC «Il», affiliate of UAC.

According to the crew chief, honoured test-pilot of Russia and OJSC «Il» test-pilot Vladimir Irinarhov, the flight was successful, without faults, all aircraft systems operated in standard mode.

The plane took off and 11 hours and 18 minutes, Moscow time. Flying time was 4 hours and 20 minutes, during which a maximum number of tests for aircraft general behavior, evaluation of handling qualities and airplane stability, engine performance, systems and equipment was performed.

«Prior to the flight we performed taxiing and rollout, the result was positive», said V. Irinarhov.

At a later stage there will be joint flights: five flights – with «Aviastar-SP» factory pilots, when Ilyushin experts will teach their colleagues and give them clearance for solo flights, and one more – with pilots of the Principal flight test center of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. After these flights the aircraft will be handed over to the customer.

Work on creation of the heavy military-transport Il-76MD-90A and organization of its batch production in Russia started in 2007. The Ministry of defense signed the agreement for delivery of 39 planes. Other institutions also show interest in this aircraft, for example, EMERCOM concluded an agreement of intent, which stipulates the delivery of 6 aircraft. The Federal Security Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs also confirm their interest in these planes.

The Il-76MD-90A can be used not only as a transport vehicle, but also as a platform for creation of advanced tanker and various special airborne complexes. On August 15, 2014 at IATF-2014 the supply contract for the first Il-76MD-90A to be delivered to JSC Beriev Aircraft Company was signed. It serves as a platform for a prototype special-purpose aircraft.

The Il-76MD-90A is designed for transport and aerial and airland delivery of heavy large size equipment, cargo and personnel. Design documentation for the aircraft was prepared with the help of new digital design technology.

According to OJSC «Il» Deputy General Director of program management Sergey Artyuhov, the release of the new Il-76MD-90A is a big stage in the biography of our enterprise. From the takeoff moment of the first prototype at CJSC «Aviastar-SP» the batch production has already started, currently in factory workshops there are more than 10 planes at different degrees of completion, being manufactured for various missions.

For information:

Il-76MD-90A is a heavily upgraded version of the well-reputed Il-76MD. It preserves all the advantages of the Il-76MD and can carry more cargo (up to 60 tons) for longer distances and with better fuel economy.

Increased transport capabilities have been achieved through modernization of wing, avionics, landing gear and aircraft systems. Replacement of the standard D-30KP-2 engines with modern 4th generation PS-90A-76 increases aircraft fuel efficiency and reliability and allows the aircraft to conform to the modern ICAO requirements.

The aircraft is equipped with new flight and navigation complex, airborne avionics, autopilot system, communications complex and «glass» cockpit, meeting all the modern and potential aircraft avionics requirements. The use of new equipment considerably increases flight safety, pilotage and airdrop precision and reduces crew’s workload.