OJSC “IL” is among winners of contest “Aircraft designer of the year”

02 October 2014
Авиастроитель года Winners and laureates of a prestigious annual contest “Aircraft designer of the year” are announced. The contest was held under the auspice of UAC, United engine-building corporation, OJSC Helicopters o Russia, non-commercial partnership Union of Aviation Industrialists and CJSC Novikombank.

This year over one hundred companies participated in the contest in nine nominations. The main task of the contest is development of system of social motivation of corporations’ teams, aircraft industry companies, establishments, corporations and other joint of legal entities and societies, as well as natural entities, which achieved outstanding results in scientific, production and social areas in aircraft building sphere and made strong contribution into development of the industry.

17 September 2014 a meeting of Organizing committee of the contest under chairmanship of General Director of Central Institute of Aerodynamics Boris Sergeevich Aleshin was held. Based on the results of voting the winner in the nomination “For personal impact into development of aviation industry” were Key advisor of General director OJSC “IL” in science Genrikh Vasilievich Novozhilov and President OJSC “Corporation “Irkut” Oleg Fyodorovich Demchenko.

But it is more pleasant that among winners and laureate of the contest this year there are not only acknowledged “maître” of the industry, but also young specialists. The second place in the nomination “For creation of a new scientific model of physical phenomenon or technological process” was taken by the work “ Defining dynamic force when landing with the help of program complexes MSC.Software”, made by engineer-designer of the second category of flutter and aeroelastic stability department OJSC “IL” Aleksandr Sergeevich Ulyanov.

A.S. Ulyanov was born in 1989. He came to OJSC “IL” in 2009 being a student of the Moscow Aviation Institute, from where he then graduated in 2012.

He participated in professional contests among young specialists of OJSC “IL” twice. In his first contest he took the second place in nomination “engineer-designer (technologist)” with his work “Development of research calculation method of landing gear shimmy wheels of transport aircraft at using main landing gear of IL-76MD-90A aircraft with program complexes MSC.Software”.

With this model he could define loads which are born not only by landing gear, but all elements of frame structure when hard landing. He managed to simulate mathematically behavior of the aircraft at runway when landing. This work took first place in nomination “Calculation in engineering and integrity” and was presented to the contest “Aircraft designer of the year”, where it took honorable second place.

The awarding ceremony will be held 20 October 2014 in the World trade center in Moscow.