OJSC “IL” inventors awarded

11 February 2014
na-sait.jpgAt a regular extended meeting of the Moscow City Council of All Russian Association of inventors and innovators, dedicated to the 55th anniversary of establishment of the Moscow State Association, a bestowal of the inventors of Moscow with medals “55 years the Moscow City Council of All Russian Association of inventors and innovators”, diplomas and letters of recognitions was held.

Our company’s employees were awarded. The following employees were awarded with medals for active work in development of inventions:

Rostislav Nikolayevich Nagorny – since 1964 has worked as an engineer-designer at special equipment departments (anti-icing, oxygen systems, warmth and sound isolation), now is dealing with issuing of operation documentation. He participated in operational testings of IL-86. A number of his design decisions were implemented at IL-114 aircraft. He has 7 certificates of authorship and 7 innovative proposals.

Boris Vladimirovich Klavdiev is a highly qualified specialist in the field of aircraft control system design. For over 35 years he has been an authorized person for patent work of the department, which engineers landing gear and aircraft control systems, encouraging constant increase of the level of new inventions patented by the company. He started his inventor career in the Design Bureau as a young specialist – designer. He received 5 certificates of authorship for inventions which were implemented at IL products (at the industry’s enterprises). His work encourages the increase of reliability of aviation equipment and flight safety, and comfort of aircraft piloting.

Nikolay Arkadievich Perevozchikov – key specialist of service of IT Director in computing technologies and computer-aided information processing. Works in the following areas: support and development of the company’s IT infrastructure, work monitoring, adjustment, preventive maintenance and current repair and maintenance of external equipment. Nikolay Arkadievich is an authorized person from IT Director Service in invention and innovation. Database “Standard products” and 30 invention proposals were implemented with his assistance.

Tatiana Vladimirovna Shicker-Girsht – key specialist of OJSC “IL” Intellectual Property department. With her participation there was organized work with use of up-to-date IT systems in processing, registering and systemization of invention and innovation in the company, for providing of informational support of the principles of business unit policy realization in IP management area. She provides legal defense of Government patents of IP items, certificates for official registration of databases belonging to the company.

Медаль 55 лет ВОИР.jpgThere was always successful movement for implementation of inventions and innovation proposals in OJSC “IL”, in the past as well as in the present. A huge amount of novelties and inventions were used at every aircraft engineered in the company. There was purposely formed, adjusted and promptly worked a system of scientific management of labour. The department of scientific management of labour was in due course headed by Viktor Vladimirovich Livanov.

Now this system has been developed into forming of LIN projects, as initiative – local – offered and developed by concerned employees at their workplaces, as well as global projects, offered for realization according to the “Complex plan of development of OJSC “IL” Manufacturing system.