IL-76TD-90VD carried video equipment for opening ceremony of Olympic games-2014

21 January 2014
P1130582-.jpg“Volga-Dnepr” Airline Company delivered video equipment from Vatri (France) to Sochi for XXII winter Olympic Games at IL-76TD-90VD aircraft engineered by OJSC “Aviation Complex named after S.v.Ilyushin”.

40 tonnes of equipment – display terminals, projectors, power generators and support equipment will be used for broadcasting of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, which will take place on February 7, 2014 at “Fisht” stadium in Sochi.

The customer of the delivery was French logistic company Efis Air, part of ECS group. “Thanks to “Volga-Dnepr” team for the well made flight. Owing to professionalism of the airline company’s specialists the whole cargo was managed to be transported at one flight, which saves time and finance resources. The whole equipment has been already delivered to the stadium and is being fixed”, - Alain Boussard, Efis Air Managing Director said.

The long distance cargo IL-76TD-90VD aircraft is able to transport 50 tonnes of useful load at distance of 4 100km or 40 tonnes at 5 650 km at once.

Complex of on-board transport equipment fixed at IL-76TD-90VD makes it possible to load and discharge with barrows and electric hoists, including outsizal equipment, without special on-ground equipment, which makes possible self-sufficient load and discharge. The ramp construction makes it possible to load equipment of any track and of 5 tonnes weight under its own power.

The cargo cabin is completely airproof. The temperature can be maintained at 15-20C and pressure 510-760 mm of mercury. Passengers capability is up to 20 seats.

IL-76TD-90VD meets all the today’s and prospective demands of ICAO and can flight all over the world with no restrictions. The aircraft’s flight performance make it possible to choose reserve airdromes closest on the rout at the distance of 2-2,5 thousand km. the transport aircraft is equipped with PS-90A-76 engines and the newest avionics.

IL-76TD-90VD is popular at the markets of North America, Europe, Japan and Australia. It covers requirements number of industries customers: heavy engineering, oil and gas industry, car industry, aerospace industry, and various international humanitarian and governmental organizations.

Now CJSC “Aviastar-SP” is manufacturing the first preproduction batch of the Russian modernized military-transportation IL-76MD-90A aircraft. The new aircraft is built with digital technologies and constructional-technology enhancement.

So, while saving profiles and outer wing lines a new structural design was applied: outer wing became one-piece, made of long panels. It considerably reduced weight of the airframe and improved performance.

Due to new wing and strengthened design of airframe and landing gear the max gross weight increased to 210 tonnes. Civil version of IL-76MD-90A will make it possible for airline companies to increase cargo weight to 60 tonnes.

The aircraft is still universal and suited for work at unprepared ground airdromes. The range of tasks and possibilities of IL-76MD-90A aircraft is still rather wide, so it means that its civil version can successfully complete fleet of leading airline companies dealing with superheavy cargo transportation.