15 years in the sky: IL-114-100 – built for domestic airlines

27 January 2014
Ил-114-100 (3)-.jpgIn the early 1980 growth of air transportation in our country, including growth at local and regional airlines continued. Aircraft fleet of An-24, Yak-40 and Tu-134, existed at that time in that transportation sector, was exhausted and shortened because of life expiration. These aircraft couldn’t meet ICAO standards in terms of noise and emissions. But their operation couldn’t be stopped – there were no other aircraft to fly. An urgent substitution demanded.

Researches of projects of new turboprop engine aircraft for short-hauled airlines, conducted at that time in a number of foreign countries, showed that a new aircraft should provide 60-70 passenger seats, have fast cruising speed and be fuel-saving and highly comfortable.

According to these researches Ministry of Civil Aviation of USSR worked out technical specifications for domestic airlines aircraft, and Ilyushin Desigh Bureau was charged to build it.

The project engineering of the aircraft named IL-114 (in honor of the legendary IL-14) was started in August of 1982. Technical specifications were worked out and preliminary design was ready by October of 1983, and full-scale model of the aircraft was built by July 1987.

By that time the Design Bureau was working under two new projects – IL-96, which fuselage was brought to final assembly division, and IL-114, which was being actively projected. Management of the company was completely immersed in the IL-96 project, so responsible for the control of the works and preparation for building of the first test aircraft was Nikolay Dmitrievich Talikov. All the issues regarding IL-114 were agreed with General Designer G.V.Novozhilov and Director of the company A.V.Shaposhnikov.

In January 1987 by decision of board of the Ministry of Aviation Industry N.D.Talikov was confirmed in position of Deputy General Designer, and by order of the company he was charged managing of IL-114 project. In 1994 Nikolay Dmitrievich was appointed at position of General Designer.

Now for support and operation maintenance of IL-114 and its modifications by order of General Director – General Designer of OJSC “IL” S.M.Gromov is appointed to the position of the General Designer of IL-114 aircraft.

Ил-114 (6).jpgOn 29th of March, 1990 IL-114 made its first flight from airdrome of Zhukovsky town. The crew was commanded by test-pilot V.S.Belousov. The second test aircraft lifted to the air on the 21st of October, 1991 from the central airdrome named after M.V.Frunze. The captain was honored test-pilot of the USSR I.R.Zakirov. Due to complicated situation in the country the aircraft was tested for a comparatively long time. The testings were completed in April of 1997. The aircraft received certificate of the type and Tashkent manufacturing enterprise named after V.P.Chkalov started serial manufacturing of IL-114 with turboprop engines.

However IL-114-100 version appeared to be more prospective at commercial market. Build at IL-114 base it is different in PW-127H engines of “Pratt & Whitney” (Canada) with “Hamilton Sundstrand” propellers and “Honeywell” APU. The new power unit provided longer flight range and improved take-off and landing performance, also in high mountains and high temperatures.

Janyary 26, 1999 modernized IL-114-100 made its first flight from the airdrome of flight-test base of the Tashkent manufacturing enterprise. The aircraft was piloted by crew under command of test-pilot I.I.Gudkov. And in December of the same year IL-114-100 received certificate of IAC Aviation register.

Two tasks were being solved during engineering of IL-114 (IL-114-100) aircraft configuration: provision of the conditions for passengers of domestic airlines, comparable to the comfort of long-distance liners and possibility of self-sufficient operation at non-equipped airdromes.

For that purpose circular section fuselage of 2.86m dia was chosen, with four seats in the raw, combined into double-seat block with armrest fold back.

Ил-114 (4).jpgEvery seat back had folding table, each seat was provided with individual air-blow rosettes, lamps and attendant call buttons at lower surface of luggage compartments. The cabin was equipped with buffet table, coat room and toilet in the rear.

Much attention was given to reduction of expected noise level as in control points in the airfield, so in the aircraft passenger cabin. Air conditioning and pressure control systems provide comfortable conditions for passengers during cruising flight.

The aircraft crew consists of captain and second pilot with professional education which provides full interchangeability in fulfilling their functions.

All the flight information and signalization display facilities and airborne systems control panels are combined into single information managing system with data display at cockpit panel for successful implementation of the crew’s functions at IL-114 (IL-114-100).

A pilot-navigation complex installed at IL-114 (IL-114-100) aircraft provides day and night piloting in good and bad weather, flight during thunderstorm, provides takeoff and landing in weather conditions as per II category of ICAO.

System integration at the aircraft is made in such a way as to exclude influence of rejection of one at another. They have proper redundancy level, and well-proven materials are used in the airframe.

Realization of the advanced research and technology achievements in providing proper level of aerodynamic and mass cleanness of the aircraft and the power unit of IL-114 (IL-114-100) provide high rates of the aircraft fuel efficiency.

Ил-114-100 (10).jpgThe aircraft’s landing gear provides landing at unequipped airdromes with concrete as well as ground surface, which provides wider geographical use of IL-114 (IL-114-100) aircraft in different regions. Moreover, IL-114 (IL-114-100) provides self-sufficient operation in low-equipped airports, the aircraft has on-board passenger stairway. Fast and easy access to all elements of the airframe and aggregates according to the maintenance program standards is provided.

The new aircraft became a worthful successor of the piston IL-14 toiler aircraft. It is able to transport 64 passengers (commercial load – 5,4 tonnes) to the distance not less than 1 000 km with cruising speed 500 km/h at 7 600 m altitude.

17 aircraft of IL-114 type has been built as of today. Only one IL-114LL (flying simulator) with ТВ7-117СМ engines flies in Russia, operated by St.Petersburg Research and Production Enterprise “Radar-MMS”. 7 IL-114-100 aircraft successfully fly in Uzbekistan at domestic regular flights of “Uzbekistan Airways”. As of June 2012 accumulated age of IL-114-100 reached 24.6 thousand hours with average monthly flight hours per aircraft about 120 hours, which is a good rate for the aircraft of such category.