38 students started studies in technical Institutes of the Capital as per assignment of OJSC «IL»

03 October 2013
den_abitur3.jpg Ilyushin Aviation Complex continues the work on the target intake of young specialists. This year 38 boys and girls began studies in technical universities of the country. In June 2013 they received assignments from OJSC “IL” for entering Federal State Universities.

“It is the second year of this program. Last year it worked partially and only two assignments were given, but this year there were already 38. We have completely worked out the scheme of realization for sending applicants to Federal State Universities and their further study at the expense of Federal budget and employment to OJSC “IL”, A.A.Pozdnyakov, representative of HR department for target intake, said.

The target training of specialists is based on the contract between OJSC “IL” and a student, with his obligatory to work in the company at least three ears after graduation.

The program provides a number of advantages:
· automatic enrolment of applicants to state-subsidized study, as per quotes;
· option of additional educational allowance from the company;
· work in the company according to profession, with work record;
· draft determent for the period of study;
· introductory training and internship in OJSC “Aviation Complex Ilyushin”;
· provision of materials for diploma writing on the company subject;
· employment to OJSC “IL” according to profession after graduation.

“The guys started their study at prestigious technical Universities of Moscow – Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman, Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow Aviation Technological Institute, etc. The applicants were intaken on a competitive base. The brightest ones were intaken, with high grades. We hope that they will become good professionals. We are short of people, young specialists. We have a lot of programs till 2030 in military-transportation aviation, based on modern methods and technologies, and they need to be realized. We won’t be complacent. On the 1st of October 2013 we submitted a requirement for the extension of quote for giving target positions in 2014”, - Pozdnyakov explained.