OJSC «IL» carried out the XIV meeting of young specialists

20 October 2013
IMG_0670.jpg From 18 to 20 October at the base of OJSC “IL” health complex was held the XIV meeting of young specialists Over 100 young specialists of aviation industry and students of the institutes of the industry (OJSC “IL”, OJSC “Tupolev” OJSC “RSK “MIG”, NIMI, Federal State Unitary Enterprise Central Institute of Aerodynamics, Moscow Aviation Technological Institute and Moscow Aviation Institute) took part in the meeting. The event was held within the frame of youth policy realization in the company.

“We had a task to straighten relations and extend cooperation among young engineers of different organizations of aviation industry. We try to carry out the meeting in a special manner, we analyse the experience that we have, avoid mistakes in arrangement. This is why our event is always of great interest. Our Directorship supports us a lot” – Roman Shuraev, Chairman of the Council of Young Specialist of OJSC “IL”, says.

The participants started to get acquainted with each other in the bus. Everybody was given programs with the schedule of the event and badges with distinctive features of OJSC “IL” staff, providers and other companies. The following training for acquaintance and leadership skills revelation helped to form seven teams and chose team leaders.

In the evening of the first day interactive game “Challenge” was started, which is for development of strategic and communication skills. The teams divided into two parts – “Brain center” and “Sport part”. The first one solved the most difficult tasks of finding hidden messages, the second one was searching marks and did ground navigation. Bad weather conditions complicated the game - it was raining and there was no light – it was at night. Only few companies managed to go through the rout and complete the game.

The second day started with the “Round table”, where representatives of Central Institute of Aerodynamics, “Tupolev” and OJSC “IL” presented their reports. Then there were trainings and creative contests, among which there were “Love at first sight” and “Ms Friendship”. All of them were carried out in terms of innovation platform. This let every participant to take part in creation of presentation projects, which means to open themselves. According to the tradition, the day was ended with hiking songs and Retro disco. Some of the participants came in thematic dress, which added color to the evening.

On the third day a solemn closing ceremony took place, where the results of the work were summarized, the winners of the contests were named and valuable gifts were given.

“Many thanks for the arrangement were said by the participants of the meeting. A lot of them said that they wanted to come to the next event. We suggest that such meetings will help young specialists of the industry companies to find friends, straighten their contacts and get new acquaintances, interchange professional knowledge in informal friendly atmosphere, get new experience, discuss vital issues, which are important for young people now” – Roman Shuraev noted.