OJSC «IL» is a prize-winner in three nominations of annual contest «Aviation manufacturer of the year»

31 October 2013
252419.jpg OJSC “Aviation Complex Ilyushin” to win three nominations of annual contest “Aviation manufacturer of the year”: “Best innovation project”, “For creation new model” and “For personal impact in development of aviation industry”. It is the maximum which nominee can receive. The nominees were chosen among 103 best enterprises of the country.

Among participants of the event there are S.I.Morozov, Governor of Ulyanosk region, V.V.Livanov, General Drector – General Designer of OJSC “IL”, S.G.Dementiev, General Director of “Aviastar-SP”, B.S.Aleshin, General Director of federal state unitary enterprise “TsAGI”, V.V.Gutenev and other.

The award «Aviation manufacturer of the year» has 10 nominations, initiated by the Union of Aviation Industrialists, United Engine Corporation, United Aircraft Corporation, Russian Helicopters and Novikombank. The winners will be given award decoration and diplomas.

The award is established in order to popularize companies which reached outstanding achievements in scientific, manufacturing and social areas of aviation manufacturing and made great impact in development of the industry.

The award ceremony to take place on October 31, 2013 in the World Trade Center of Moscow.