• Performance

    General Data

    The Il-76TD-90VD long-haul cargo aircraft is a major upgrade of the Il-76TD transport aircraft. Il-76TD-90VD is fitted with modern engines PS-90A-76, meeting all current international ecological standards, having longer operating life and lower maintenance costs. All aircraft systems have been modernized, and a new flight and navigation complex was installed.

    The complex of onboard transportation equipment on Il-76TD-90VD allows handling operations with the help of gear hoists, electric hoists, including handling large-sizedequipment without special land-based devices, which allows autonomous operation in all kinds of aerodromes.

    • Maximum flight altitudet
    • Maximum takeoff weight
    • Maximum flight altitude
      12 100m
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    Main technical characteristics

    Dimensional characteristics
    Length, m 46,6
    Height, m 14,76
    Wingspan, m 50,5
    Wing area, sq. m. 300
    Fuselage diameter, m 4,8
    Power plant parameters
    Number x engine type 4 x turbojet engine
    Top thrust (SI system, H=0), kgf 16 000
    Compliance with ICAO standards Appendix 16, Chapter 3
    Weight parameters
    Maximum takeoff weight, tons 195
    Maximum payload, tons 50
    Fuel tank capacity, l 109 500
    Aircraft performance
    Cruising speed, km/h 750–800
    Flight altitude, m 9 100–12 100
    Flight range with payload of 40 tons, km 5 650
    Takeoff distance, m 1 300
    Landing distance, m 930
    Number of seats
    Crew, persons 4
    Freight compartment parameters (upper deck)
    Length x Width x Height, m 24,54x3,45x3,4
    Volume, cubic meters 321
    Specified life
    Calendar operating life, years 25
    Number of flights 8 000
    Number of flight hours, hr. 25 000
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