• Performance

    General Data

    The long-range transport aircraft Il-76TD-90A is a civil version of the production heavy military transport IL-76MD-90A. The aircraft is designed for transportation of a wide variety of cargo and equipment with combined weight up to 60 tons.

    The Il-76TD-90A is fitted with the modern PS-90A-76 engines, more fuel-efficient and compliant with ICAO standards (chapter IV) for environmental noise and emission. All this makes it possible to broaden the Il-76MD-90A flight geography both on domestic and foreign airlines.

    The cockpit and avionics suit has been fully upgraded. The aircraft employs modern digital navigation equipment. The pilots’ instrument panel hosts six multi-functional digital displays delivering all information necessary for aircraft control. Thus the so-called “glass cockpit” is implemented on the aircraft, reducing the flight crew’s workload and improving the flight safety.

    Aircraft transport equipment, fitted on the Il-76TD-90A, allows for loading and unloading with winches and electric hoists of large-sized equipment without special ground facilities, which makes it possible to work independently on various aerodromes.

    High cargo safety during flight ensures transportation of both regular and hazardous cargo. Reinforced cargo cabin floor can sustain a concentrated load of super-heavy cargos.

    • Top thrust (SI system, H=0)
      4х16 000kgf
    • Maximum takeoff weight
    • Flight altitude
      12 100m
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    Estimated  technical characteristics

    Dimensional characteristics
    Length, m 46,6
    Height, m 14,76
    Wingspan, m 50,5
    Wing area, sq. m. 300
    Fuselage diameter, m 4,8
    Power plant parameters
    Number x engine type 4 x turbojet engine
    Engine, kgf PS-90A-76
    Top thrust (SI system, H=0), kgf 16 000
    Weight parameters
    Maximum takeoff weight, tons 210
    Maximum payload, tons 60
    Fuel tank capacity, l 109 500
    Aircraft performance
    Cruising speed, km/h 770–800
    Flight altitude, m 9 100–12 100
    Flight range with maximum payload, km 4 000
    Takeoff distance, m 1 300
    Landing distance, m 930
    Number of seats
    Crew, persons 3
    Freight compartment parameters
    Length x Width x Height, m 24,54x3,45x3,4
    Volume, cubic meters 321
    Specified life
    Calendar operating life, years 20
    Number of flights 10 000
    Number of flight hours, hr. 30 000
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