• Performance

    General Data

    Light military transport aircraft Il-112V is designed for transporting and parachuting of light weaponry and equipment, cargoes and military personnel, as well as for transporting a wide variety of cargoes when operated in commercial service.

    It is capable of auto landing approaches to categorized aerodromes (minimum requirement being ICAO category II) and manual landing approaches to aerodromes poorly equipped with, or having no radio technical equipment.

    Main technical characteristics

    Dimensional characteristics

    Length, m 24,15
    Height, m 8,89
    Wingspan, m 27,6
    Wing area, sq. m. 65
    Fuselage midsection, m 3,29
    Power plant parameters
    Number x engine type 2 x turbo-propeller engine
    Maximum shaft power (МСА, H=0), kgf. 3 500
    Weight parameters
    Maximum takeoff weight, tons 21
    Maximum payload, tons5
    Fuel tank capacity, l7 200
    Aircraft performance
    Cruising speed, km/h 450-500
    Flight altitude, m to 7 600
    Flight range with payload of 3,5 tons, km 2 400
    Required runway length, m 1 200
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