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    General Data

    Il-62M is the first soviet intercontinental jetliner. For many years, it has been the flagship of the Soviet civil air fleet.It is capable of flying in adverse weather conditions, at any latitude and at any time of the day or night.

    Original design solutions provide for high degree of safety and comfort for pilots and passengers.

    The Il-62M aircraft has set several world records in flight speed and flight range. For several decades, Il-62M aircraft have been operated by governmental divisions of Russia and Ukraine, as well as by Air Forces and Ministries of Emergency Situations.

    The Il-62M is a monoplane with a low-mounted sweptback wing, T-tail unit and four engines positioned in the aft fuselage. Such positioning of the engines has allowed for improved aerodynamics of the wing, reducing noise level in the passenger cabin, and reduced chances of fire onboard due to the remoteness of engines from fuel tanks.

    The main landing gear is positioned before the center of gravity of the aircraft when empty, which allowed for reducing the area of horizontal tail surfaces. For parking and ground taxiing operations of an empty aircraft,designers introduced a special retractable tail landing gear, which made aerodrome loading and unloading much easier, and it can be performed in any sequence.

    Thanks to a well-developed aerodynamic configuration of the aircraft, its control system does not include hydraulic amplifiers (boosters) which increases reliability and reduces system weight.

    The power supply system has been changed to alternating current for the first time in Soviet/Russian civil aviation. These and many other design solutions that have allowed for reducing the aircraft’s weight considerably.

    The Il-62M has undergone flight certification according to ICAO international airworthiness requirements for civil aircraft and has been in regular operation in Aeroflot’s local and international flights since 1967.

    First flight took place on January 2, 1963. Test pilot was V.K. Kokkinaki.

    The aircraft was produced by the S.P. Gorbunov Kazan Aircraft Production Association; a total of 287 Il-62 and Il-62M aircraftwere manufactured.

    • МTop thrust (SI system, H=0)
    • Maximum takeoff weight
    • Maximum flight altitude
      12 100m
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    Main technical characteristics

    Dimensional characteristics
    Length, m 53,12
    Height, m 12,35
    Wingspan, m 43,2
    Wing area, sq. m. 279,55
    Fuselage midsection, m 4,1х3,75
    Power plant parameters
    Number x engine type 4 x turbojet engine
    D-30KU series 1, 2
    Top thrust (SI system, H=0), kgf 11 000
    Compliance with ICAO standards Appendix 16, Chapter 2, 3
    Weight parameters
    Maximum takeoff weight, tons 167
    Maximum payload, tons 23
    Fuel tank capacity, l 105 300
    Aircraft performance
    Cruising speed, km/h 850–870
    Flight altitude, m 9 100–12 100
    Flying range with maximum load, km 7 800
    Flying range with maximum fuel reserve, km 10 700
    Takeoff distance, m 2 380
    Landing distance, m 1 150
    Number of seats
    Crew, persons 5(4)
    Passengers, persons 168 
    Specified life
    Calendar operating life, years 30
    Number of flights 9 500
    Number of flight hours, hr. 50 000
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