IL OJSC Board of Directors elected at the special meeting of the shareholders on 23.06.2017г.
(Minutes №30 dated on 26.06.2017)

Demchenko Oleg

General Director-General Designer of OJSC A.S. Yakovlev Design Bureau, President of PJSC Irkut Corporation.

Demidov Alexey

PJSC UAC Vice-President of Economics and Finance.

Filippova Tatiana

Representative of PJSC Il minority shareholders (independent director).

Gerasimov Sergey

PJSC UAC Vice-President for Special Purpose State Aviation,

Konosov Sergey

PJSC UAC Director for Corporate and Property Relations.

Nikitin Nikolay

First Deputy General Director, PJSC UAC.

Rogozin Alexey

PJSC Il General Director, PJSC UAC Vice-President for Transport Aviation.

Rubtsov Alexander

General Director of JSC Ilyushin Finance Co.

Yarovan Valery

Il-114 Program Director of JSC Sukhoi Civil Aircraft.

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